Moment of Impact 9/11 - Glass installation by Lynn Rivers
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World Premiere: London

Visitors from London, the UK and further afield attended the successful world premiere at the, Oxo Tower Wharf, South Bank, London – 9th-12th September 2004.

The Cultural Attache, Mr Dennis Spencer Wolf, from American Embassy attended the private view. The exhibition was covered by British Sattelite News.

The middle three panels at

The panels at night at

Also displayed were 20 preparatory drawings and designs and six large scale photographs.

Visitors Comments:

‘I like the anger – the Hell, but also the optimism with the use of colour and light – you clearly understand light. Powerful, Evocative, Relevant.’

‘Technically and emotionally impressive pieces, fantastic architectural construction.’

‘A vast and inspired amount of work and imagination has produced an electrifying (if not to say horrifying) reminder of man’s inhumanity that we could not forget – your panels help people to remember.’

‘Terrific art work, very evocative of 9/11.’

‘Very moving and dramatic work, superbly done, meticulous attention to detail.’

‘Thank you Lynn for making this work, it is important that we remember that terrorism, invasion colonisation oppression, whatever side, nation, is the perpetrator, it is against our shared humanity and passion for life.’

‘Ignition – Fusion. Beauty in disaster. Brilliant.’

(The above is a selection of quotes from the visitors book. If you recognise your quote and would like your name attributed please contact me).

If you are interested to find out more, please contact the artist.

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